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Justin Lucas Catches $100,000 Fish at Potomac River

In the Potomac River Bass Master Elite series event Justin Lucas caught a fish on day 4 which completely put him over the top. His excitement was evident as soon as he lipped the fish and brought him into the boat.

Justin had a total of 72lb - 14oz and took home $101,500. His hard work pre-fishing the area really paid off. Jason Christie caught 23 lbs on the last day and made a strong run, but finished second and won $25,000.

Check out the video of Justin's catching his tournament winning fish here.
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Best Days and Times to Fish Charts

The Lunar Effect on Fish

Fishermen around the country know that fish respond to lunar phases of the moon and fishing can be much better during certain times of the month. Learn the best fishing times and make the most out of your time on the water.

Enter your zip code above to get a free fishing forecast. The charts will forecast fish activity and show you the best fishing days in your area.

The lunar fishing calendar predicts a general fishing forecast based on moon phases, sunrise, and sunset data. Local conditions, weather fronts, and barometric pressure can also affect fish activity. Many experienced fishermen keep a journal detailing weather information to help determine the patterns and fishing strategies that work best for different seasons and weather scenarios.

Good luck, and remember that "a bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work"!

Big Largemouth Bass: Pre-spawn Moon

All bass fishermen have a dream of tangling with an 8 plus pound largemouth, but fish this size are rarely caught by most anglers. Many pro bass fishermen and serious weekend warriors believe that the moon's affect is most pronounced during the late winter and the start of the spring, and the best fishing days are prior to a full moon just before spawning really kicks off. Increase your chances of catching a wall-hanger largemouth and consult solunar fishing tables during the spring and then go and wet a line!

Best days to fish for largemouth bass
A monster largemouth bass

Lunar Tides: On the Hunt for Tailing Redfish

Fishing in the tidal Spartina grass flats of the south eastern US during the summer time can be very exciting as long as you plan your fishing trips based on the moon. The tide is perfect for tailing redfish during full moon and new moon periods. The fish will swim into very shallow water in the marsh grass looking for fiddler grabs, shrimp, mullet and mud minnows. Check out these awesome pictures of fishing in the grass.

Best days to fish for redfish
A tailing redfish caught in action
Best days to fish for redfish
On the hunt for redfish
Best days to fish for redfish
Three spots on this fish